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Scotts Pet Supplies, Stockists of Quality Raw Pet Food, We can order in Any Dried Dog Food you Require. We also keep a massive selection of Natural Dried Treats in stock.

Unit 1, 35 Drumshoreland Road, Pumpherston by Livingston. West Lothian


EH53 0LF

Tel: 07803389973

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AP202 Allen and Page Free Range Layers Pellets 20kg            £12.21

AP204 Allen and Page Free Range Layers Crumble 20kg         £12.21

AP205 Allen and Page Baby Chick 20kg                                     £14.86

AP210 Allen and Page Super Mixed Corn 20kg                           £11.39

AP207 Allen and Page Poultry Growers Pellets 20kg                  £13.04

AP209 Allen and Page Ornamental Poultry Pellets 20kg             £13.65

AP230 Allen and Page Turkey Started Crumbs 20kg                   £16.48

AP231 Allen and Page Turkey Grower/Finisher Pellets 20kg       £14.81

AP401 Allen and Page Organic Layers Pellets 20kg                     £17.62

AP403 Allen and Page Organic Poultry Grower/Finisher 20kg      £18.31

AP404 Allen and Page Organic Mixed Corn 20kg                          £16.95



BD40 Badminton Poultry Corn 20kg                                               £8.40

BD42 Badminton Country Feeds Layers Pellets 20kg                    £8.99

Dobson and Horrell

D301 Dobson and Horrell Layers Pellets 20kg                              £11.82

D303 Dobson and Horrell Layers Mash 20kg                                £11.69

D305 Dobson and Horrell Mixed Corn 20kg                                  £12.07

D307 Dobson and Horrell Chick Starter Crumbs (Plain) 20kg       £15.37

D309 Dobson and Horrell Poultry Growers Pellets 20kg               £11.37


Fancy Feeds

BA69 Fancy Feeds layer Mash 20kg                                £13.22

BA70 Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets 20kg                           £11.30

BA71 Fancy Feeds Breeder & Show Pellets 20kg            £13.52

BA72 Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn  20kg                                £9.04



SP50 Spillers Layers Pellets 20kg                                      £9.69




FW01 Jondo Flint Hen Grit 25kg                                         £8.06

FW02 Jondo Flint Growers Grit 25kg                                  £8.76




NH949 Life-Guard Tonic 250ml                                            £13.03


Global Herbs

GH601 Poultry Apple Cider Vinegar 1Ltr                             £4.93

GH602 Poultry Apple and Garlic Cider Vinegar 1ltr             £4.93

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