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Scotts Pet Supplies, Stockists of Quality Raw Pet Food, Dried Dog, Cat and  Horse Feeding ordered in to your request. Chicken Feed kept in Stock.

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Thistle Raw                                                                           

Boneless Minces                                                                   

Tripe (Beef)           18 x 454g  £18.00                                     

Tripe (Sheep)         18 x 454g  £18.00                                    

Beef                        18 x 454g   £18.00                                   

Beef and Tripe        18 x 454g   £18.00                                  

Chicken Boneless   18 x 454g  £23.00                                  



Boned Minces                                                                      

Chicken                       18 x 454g   £18.00                              

Chicken and Tripe       18 x 454g    £18.00

Venison                        18 x 454g   £21.00

Beef and Bone             18 x 454g   £18.00






Chicken, Tripe and Offal 18 x 454g £18.00                          

Chicken, Beef and Offal 18 x 454g  £18.00                         

Turkey                     18 x 454 g  £18.00

Turkey and Tripe     18 x 454g   £18.00                              

Lamb                       18 x 454 g £18.00                                

Lamb and Tripe       18 x 454 g £18.00                                

Duck                         18 x 454 g £18.00

Rabbit                       18 x 454g  £26.50

Rabbit and Beef        18 x 454g  £26.50 


Standard Mixed Boxes 18 x 454g £20.00  


Indivdual Bags £1.20 Each.                        


Thistle Raw Chunks                                                           

Chicken with Bone Chunks 5kg £14.00                               

Chicken Neck Chunks 5kg        £14.00                                

Chicken Wings 5kg                   £15.00                                 

Beef Chunks   5kg                    £14.00                                    

Tripe Chunks (Beef) 5kg           £15.00                      

Chicken Boneless Chunks 5kg  £18.00                                

Heart Chunks  5kg                     £14.00                                

Liver Chunks 5kg                       £14.00                                

Lamb Tripe Chunks 1kg pack    £3.25


All of the above chunks can also be bought by the kilo.. Just Ask us..



Lamb Tripe Complete with Duck 1kg    £3.50

Lamb Tripe Complete with Turkey 1kg £3.70

Meaty Lamb Mince Complete with Duck 500g  £2.80

Surf and Turf  1kg   £4.00

Ox Tripe Complete with Duck  1kg     £3.70

Ox Tripe Complete with Chicken 1kg  £3.50

Mixed Meat Complete with Duck (Pork, Lamb, Ox) 1kg  £3.50

Ox Mince Complete with Chicken  1kg   £3.70

Ox Mince Complete with Duck 1kg  £3.70

Pork Mince Complete with Chicken 1kg  £3.50

Pork Mince Complete with Duck  1kg  £3.50

Pork and Ox.. 50% Pork,25%

Ox and 25%Ox Lung 1kg £3.50

Chicken and Tripe 1kg   £3.00

Duck and Tripe 1kg  £3.00

Minced Pigeon 500g  £2.80

Venison, Beef and Turkey Complete 1kg  £4.50

Lamb, Fish and Turkey  1kg  £4.50

Ox and Lamb, Ox Tripe, Ox Meat, Lamb Heart and Lamb Lung 1kg  £3.50

Tripe and Oily Fish 75% Tripe 25% Oily Fish Approx 2% Bone  £4.00

Boar Mince 1kg   £5.50





Southcliffe Raw

Beef and Chicken  454gram  £1.00 a packet

Beef and Turkey     454 gram £1.00 a packet

Turkey and Tripe     454gram £1.00 a packet

Duck and Tripe       454 gram £1.00 a packet

Beef Complete     454gram   £1.00 a packet

Lamb Complete    454 gram £1.00 a packet

Beef and Tripe       454gram £1.00 a packet

Duck                      454 gram £1.00 a packet

Turkey and Salmon 454gram  £1.00 a packet

Chicken and Salmon 454gram £1.00 a packet

Chicken and Tripe    454 gram £1.00 a packet

Salmon                     454 gram £1.00 a packet

Salmon and Tripe    454 gram £1.00 a packet


We can make up mixed boxes of Southcliffe Raw with the above flavours.. 

18 in a box for £18.   We will be adding to our range of Southcliffe in the coming weeks.










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